The Learning Tree, Inc

Anniston Autism Clinic Assistant BCBA BCaBA Trainee


Anniston, AL


Full Time

If you are BCBA or BCaBA-Trainee, working on your supervision hours, and are interested in working in practicing in a clinical setting, we are offering just the position. Work alongside and assisting our clinical directors in one of our four clinics located in Birmingham, Anniston, Montgomery, and Mobile. See essential job duties and education/work preferences outlined below.

Essential Job Duties Include (not are not limited to):

    • Performing all related clinical responsibilities for children on their caseload and assisting Clinical Director / Clinical Supervisor(s) with caseload responsibilities (e.g., direct supervision of RBTs, assessment, weekly treatment planning, parent training, team meetings, progress monitoring, case review, etc.)
    • Implementing and maintaining HIPAA-compliant procedures
    • Monitoring service implementation by Technicians implementing clinical services
    • Assisting with preparation, organization, and management of learning resources and materials necessary for the provision of ABA services
    • Individualized weekly lesson planning for clinic group activities (centers, circle time, small-group instruction)
    • Communicating with the Clinical Director / Clinical Supervisor(s) when resources are needed for ABA service provision
    • Completion of all documentation required for provision of services (includes billing documentation, supervision documentation for Technicians, data management)
    • Assisting BCBA Supervisors with BCBA/BCaBA-Trainee supervision experiences, including but not limited to: (a) preparation of restricted and unrestricted activities; (b) maintaining accurate documentation and logging of experiences; (c) observation and feedback to BCBA Supervisors about Trainees performance
    • Assisting with RBT-Trainee & RBT-maintenance activities, including: (a) RBT Competency Assessments; (b) ensuring RBTs meet all requirements to maintain RBT-credential; assisting with RBT Annual Renewals; ensuring RBTs maintain accurate supervision logs / contact forms
    • If employee is a BCaBA-Certificant, employee must meet all supervision requirements in order to maintain BCaBA-certification per the BACB and The Learning Tree requirements, including:
      • A) Registering and maintaining with the BACB a Supervisor who is a practicing BCBA whose certification is in good standing and employed by The Learning Tree;
      • B) For the first 1000 hours of post-certification practice: Supervision must be at least 5% of the total number of behavior-analytic service hours provided per month, with no less than one hour of supervision every two weeks;
      • C) Ongoing supervision after the first 1000 hours of post-certification practice: Supervision must be at least 2% of the total behavior-analytic service hours provided per month; D) The BCaBA and supervisor must meet at least 1 time per month in which the BCaBA provides behavior-analytic services. In addition, the Supervisor must be available for consultation between supervisory interactions [Note: BCaBAs who do not provide behavior-analytic services during a given month do not need supervision during that time]; and E) All BACB Supervision Documentation requirements are met and maintained
    • Effectively communicating with Clinical Director / Clinical Supervisor(s) regarding client and employee matters
    • Effectively communicating with parents, agency representatives, and other stakeholders
    • Assisting with training related to behavior programming including clinic personnel, parents, and any other stakeholders as needed
    • Completing all Learning Tree documentation procedures
    • Reporting all incidents requiring investigations to the appropriate department or agency                                       
    • Reporting all significant issues to the Clinical Director or Director of GIBS depending on the issue

Other duties deemed necessary by Clinical Director / Clinical Supervisor, Office Manager, Practice Administrator, or Director of GIBS to ensure care, welfare, safety, and security of children.

Education and Work Experience Requirements:

    • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree (strongly preferred)
    • BCaBA Certification, Pursuit of BCaBA/BCBA Certification, Intention to pursue BCaBA/BCBA Certification (strongly preferred)
    • Minimum of one year experience with developmental disabilities
    • Minimum of one year experience providing RBT supervision under the BACB guidelines (preferred)
    • Experience with Insurance Service Delivery Policies & Procedures (preferred)

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