The Learning Tree, Inc

Tallassee Teacher's Assistant


Tallassee, AL


Full Time

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: shall include but is not limited to the following: 

  • Direct supervision of students 
  • Implementation of lesson plans 
  • Implementation of all training programs for students 
  • Maintenance of clean and orderly work areas 
  • Completion of required documentation of service delivery (daily log, incident reports, data, etc.) 
  • Assistance with development of ISP or IEP as needed 
  • Maintenance of adequate communication with other employees 
  • Participation in all required in-service training 
  • Participation in crisis management procedures, to include, but not limited to:  lifting and lowering individuals to and from the floor, standing from kneeling position and dropping to kneeling position while physically controlling an individual, blocking attempted blows and bites, transporting individuals in crisis state, and deflecting blows from thrown objects 
  • Other duties determined by Coordinator of Residential Services to be necessary to ensure the care, welfare, safety, and security of the students 

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